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Voice Adapter

The VoiceAdapter connects to the phone system to initiate, receive and handle calls.
Currently only a test adapter is available to demonstrate the integration into the application. The IVoiceAdapter interface is kept simple to allow the integration of a wide range of phone systems.

Key VoiceAdapter
Defined In M4.ApplicationModel.ComponentModel
Interface M4.ConversationAdapter.IVoiceAdapter

Inherits M4.ApplicationModel.IComponent

Event NewCall(M4.ConversationAdapter.VoiceCall)
To be raised on new outgoing or incoming call.

Event CallStateChanged(M4.ConversationAdapter.VoiceCall)
To be raised if call state has changed (Incoming, Outgoing, Established or Cleared).

Event CallCleared(M4.ConversationAdapter.VoiceCall)
To be raised if call has been cleared.

Allows the application to initiate a call passing a phone number and information to which record the number belongs to. The call data will be saved along with the record M4ID.
Standard Implementations Voice Test Adapter - M4ComponentsWpf.VoiceAdapter.VoiceTestAdapter
Test Adapter to demonstrate the integration into the application.
Example M4CustomLibrary.VoiceAdapter.VoiceAdapterTemplate
UserControl template with phone controls connection to a simple dummy PhoneSystemAdapter.