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IComponent Interface

The interface M4.ApplicationModel.IComponent has to be implemented by all components.
This includes the components in the ComponentModel tree, ClientControl, VoiceAdapter, StartPage, SettingsControl and any other custom component.

Properties M4.ApplicationModel.AppModel AppModel
Value is set by application.
AppModel the component is defined in.

M4.ApplicationModel.ComponentDefinition ComponentDefinition
Value is set by application.
ComponentDefinition the component is defined in. Contains information like defined control size or permissions.

ReadOnly Object Control
Visual object to be displayed. WPF control, typically UserControl.

ReadOnly ObservableCollection(Of M4.ApplicationModel.MenuData) MenuItems
Menu items used by component and shown in main window (menu, toolbar or navigation bar).
The Side Bar Client adds these menu items to the main menu.
Methods OnClosing(ByRef Boolean)
Is called on application closing. Add here actions to do on closing. Set parameter to true to cancel closing.