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Define Access For Clients Table

In the last chapter we have created the table "Clients".
Now we will add this table to the "Access Model" and make first settings.

Add Clients Table To Access Model

Right click on "Access Model" and select "Add Access Model Node".

Add Access Model Node

Now you have to choose the DataRootNode you want to use as data model for the AccessModelNode.
Select the Clients table.

Select the Clients table

A "Clients" AccessModelNode is created. If you open the tree you see that this node has the same fields as the data node.
Select "First Name" and "Last Name".
Check IsHeaderField to use the fields in the record header.
Check IsSearchResultField to include the fields in the search result table.

Edit AccessField

Add Search Parameters

Right click on "Search Parameters" and select "Add Search Parameter".

Add Search Parameter

Select the "Undefined Search Parameter" and choose the ParameterDataField property.
Select "First Name".
Create another search parameter with "Last Name" as ParameterDataField.

Choose ParameterDataField

Now we have an AccessModelNode that can be used to search, open and edit the "Clients" table.
In the next step we will add a component based on this node.