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Employ Row Component

The Tree Employ Component creates a separate node in the navigation tree for each table included in a AccessModelNode. If you select one of these nodes, a standard control is presented. These standard controls contain a vertical list of the fields of this record.
If you wish a customized layout of the fields, displaying child records inside the same control or adding other visual items or functionality, you can do this with a customized employ control.
NOTE: If you include child records in a control, you usually don't want these child records to appear as separate nodes in the navigation tree. You can check ExcludeFromNavigationTree in the AccessNode to prevent adding the records of this node to the navigation tree.

Key EmployRowComponent
Defined In M4ComponentsView.EmployComponents.EmployRowComponent
Interface M4ComponentsView.EmployComponents.IEmployRowComponent

Inherits M4View.Client.IViewComponent.

View M4ComponentsView.EmployElements.EmployRowView
Contains properties needed for displaying, editing and handling records. Has references to the parent EmployRowView or EmployView and to all child views.
Standard Implementations None
Example M4CustomLibrary.EmployControls.ClientsEmployControl
Shows the "Client" fields and the "Sales" for this client on one control.
"Sales" can be selected from a sales table. The data of the selected sale is displayed in a field list. The product image is shown in a separate large image control.