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With M4 Back Office you can write news to defined groups. The news are displayed on the start page and, if you wish, as a ticker text on the top of the main window.
In this chapter we will see, how to create news groups and how to add news messages.

News Groups

News groups are used to define permissions to write and read news. The permission definitions work the same as the permissions we saw in the access or component model.
The example Application Model contains 3 news groups:

  • Company Group
  • Branch A
  • Branch B
In the "Company Group" the read permission is set to "Yes", so everyone can read this news. The write permission is set to Roles. The roles "Manager" and "HR Manager" are selected. So this group enables "Manager" and "HR Manager" to write news to everybody.

Company News Group

In the groups "Branch A" and "Branch B" read and write permissions are set to Roles. The selected roles are for read and write "Manager" and salespersons of the respective branch. So this group enables "Manager" to send messages to salespersons of branch A or B, while salespersons can write and read messages within their own branch.

Company News Group

Writing News

Open M4 Back Office and select the "News" node. Click on "Edit News" on the top of the news control. Select "Add Message" to create some news messages.
For each news message the following properties can be set:

  • Title
    The title is an optional property that is not part of the news message. Its just a label that can help you to organize your messages.
  • News Group
    Each message needs to be assigned to a news group. The news group defines, who can read this news.
  • Show Ticker Text
    Check this option to display news message as ticker text.
  • Period To Show Message
    Start and end date to show the message. Default values are current day for "From" and next day for "To".
  • Publish News
    If this option is not checked, the news message is not displayed on the start page nor as ticker text, even if the "Show Ticker Text" option is checked. Use this option to turn messages on and off.
  • Message
    The news message to be displayed.

Edit News

Click on "OK" to save your changes in the news messages.

News Display

News messages are refreshed every minute. The latest message is displayed first. On the start page you can see the creation date and time and the creation user of the message.
Here two news messages are shown, both with ticker text.

Company News Group