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Group Reader

Since the access to components, tables and fields is role based, the application needs to know which roles a user has. This information provides the group reader. It is usually done by adding individual users to groups and assign roles to these groups.

Key GroupReader
Defined In M4.ApplicationModel.AppModel
Interface M4.ApplicationModel.IGroupReader

GetRoles(String) String[]
Format of parameter is DomainName\UserName.
Must return a list of role keys.
The method is called on startup.
Standard Implementations Application Model Groups Reader - M4.GroupReader.AppModelGroupReader
Retrieves roles from user groups stored in the Application Model. Users, groups and roles can be edited in M4 Creator.

Active Directory Groups Reader - M4.GroupReader.ActiveDirectoryGroupReader
Retrieves roles from the Windows Active Directory.
Example M4CustomLibrary.GroupReader.DayOfWeekGroupReader
Retrieves roles based on the day of week, e.g. "SundayGroup" on Sundays.