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Export Adapter

Exports data, typically to a file.
Data can be passed as DataTable, DataSet or be enclosed in a M4.EmployModel.Search object, providing additional properties that can be used for export.

Key ExportAdapter
Defined In M4.ApplicationModel.AccessModel
Default implementation. Is mandatory.

Optional implementation. M4.ApplicationModel.AccessModel implementation is used if not defined.
Interface M4.ApplicationModel.IExportAdapter

Export data table with default settings.

Export data set with default settings.

Export search.Result using M4.EmployModel.Search properties.
Standard Implementations CSV Export Adapter - M4.ExportAdapter.CSVExportAdapter
Exports search result to CSV file. Contains properties to set file format like delimiter and separator characters.

XML Export Adapter - M4.ExportAdapter.XMLExportAdapter
Exports data using WriteXml method of data sets or data tables.
Example M4CustomLibrary.ExportAdapter.ExportAdapterTemplate
Empty template.