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Custom Search Parameters

Validates user input for search parameters and provides SQL conditions and database parameter for searching.

Key CustomSearchParameters
Defined In M4.ApplicationModel.SearchParameterField
Implementation is optional.
Interface M4.ApplicationModel.ICustomSearchParameters

ValidateInput(value Object, searchParameterField M4.ApplicationModel.SearchParameterField)
Is called on search parameter value user input. Parameter value is validated. The Parameter searchParameterField contains properties needed for validation.
Must throw exception, if validation fails.

GetParameters(searchParameterField M4.ApplicationModel.SearchParameterField) List(Of M4.ApplicationModel.SearchParameter)
Is called on searching instead of SearchReader.GetCondition(searchParameter M4.ApplicationModel.SearchParameter) if custom search parameter is defined. Provides SQL condition and database parameter for searching. Return nothing to use default search parameter.
Standard Implementations None.
Example M4CustomLibrary.SearchParameters.DateInPastParameter
Checks user input. Verifies if type of search parameter value is date and if date is in the past. Throws exception if not.